If you've spent enough time living in close proximity to others, it's likely that you've also been annoyed by your neighbors. While not every neighbor is disrespectful to those around them by playing loud music, yelling at one another, or even laughing through your paper-thin walls, there's a good chance you've sat awake at night due to excess noise from someone nearby.

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Because of this exact scenario, Colorado has specific laws regarding noise ordinances and what exactly constitutes a violation of them.

What Does Colorado's Noise Ordinance Law Say?

The Colorado law that specifically regulates noise ordinances, Statute 25-12-103, outlines the maximum decibels permitted based on the type of area in which they're being made as well as the time of day.

For example, a maximum of 55 dB is permitted in residential areas between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., while the limit drops to 50 dB between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. These levels are comparable to a typical conversation or a radio playing music in the background.

In commercial areas, 60 dB is permitted throughout the day which is what you'll likely encounter in a restaurant, while the maximum volume level drops to 55 dB during the night.

For light industrial areas, the daytime level cannot exceed 70 dB, comparable to the noise from a vacuum cleaner, while the nighttime max is set at 65 dB.

Finally, heavy industrial areas are prohibited to exceed 80 dB during the day, a level that could cause hearing damage if regularly exposed for an entire workday, with the maximum level dropping to 75 dB at night.

Check out the full verbiage of the Colorado Noise Statute here.

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