Where will you find the best doughnut shop in Grand Junction, Colorado? This question made the rounds, and here's a look at the results.

It was the ultimate battle of the champions, a real clash of the titans. Over the last three weeks, Be Sweet Bakery has gone nose to nose with Daylight Donuts. City Market has gone toe to toe with Safeway. Let's face it, they all make a pretty good doughnut.

Doughnut Vs. Donut

Once more, is it a doughnut or a donut? According to www.grammarist.com, the dictionary-approved spelling for these rings dipped in fat is "Doughnut." So, then, where did "donuts" come from? It seems we have Dunkin' Donuts to thank for that. They're responsible for the popularization of the abbreviated form.

Grand Junction, Colorado Celebrates National Doughnut Day

Do people celebrate "National Doughnut Day"? You betcha. According to Holiday Insights, National Doughnut Day (in this case, they go with the 'doughnut' spelling) is always celebrated on the first Friday in June.

This sign was on display this morning, Friday, June 7, 2024, at Homestyle Bakery in Grand Junction.

Grand Junction Colorado best donut doughnut
Waylon Jordan

And The Winner Is...

Well, after three weeks of intense voting, the results are in. You stepped up to the donut in a big way. Tons of votes came in.  These are the results.

NOTE: This survey was originally conducted in June 2022.

Grand Junction Best Doughnut 2022 Winners
Polldaddy.com / Canva

Congratulations to Home Style Bakery. They won by a landslide. Daylight Donuts had strong showings, too.

Home Style has been popular in the valley for years. I remember in English class at Grand Junction High School back in 1988 when our teacher would let us sneak out for a donut run. Home Style Bakery was only two blocks away, making it the most likely candidate. They were awesome back in 87-88, and are equally awesome in 2020.

Thank you to all who voted. Visit any Grand Junction business offering donuts, and you'll probably find they are all great. At the end of the day, though, it appears Home Style Bakery is your overall favorite.

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