These days, several precautions are taken on a Colorado officer's behalf in the event of an unexpected confrontation during a traffic stop. Police are often equipped with cameras on the dash of their vehicle that closely monitor a traffic stop, and they sometimes wear body cameras to provide another perspective that a dashboard camera might not pick up.

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Have you ever noticed that when an officer pulls someone over, as they approach the vehicle to speak with the driver they will often touch the car, sometimes more than once? This happens for a few reasons, and it has to do with safety.

Why Do Police Touch Your Vehicle?

The first reason an officer touches the back of your car is a safety check. This ensures the trunk is closed and nobody springs out to assault the officer.

Cops are Leaving Evidence On Your Car

Another reason the officer touches the back of your car, including the taillight, is to mark your car with evidence. It helps create a timeline, and it is proof that the officer was at the scene approaching the vehicle. This was a tactic often used before cameras, but many officers still do this as an extra precaution.

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Their Touch Helps Guage Your Response

The sound of an officer making contact with the vehicle can help them see how the people inside are behaving. This can help the officer get a better idea if there is any suspicious activity going on in the car as they approach.

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