What are the most unusual towns in the state of Colorado? Ask ten people, and you will likely get ten different lists. Is there a town in Colorado that you have always thought was strange or unusual? Open our station app and hit the app chat to share yours.

We're headed to ten different towns in Colorado that all feature something unusual. From a haunted Christmas town to a miniature village with buildings 1/6 the size of normal ones, let's check out some of the most unique towns in the Centennial State.

Colorado's Most Unusual Town?

If only I could nominate Denver International Airport as the most unusual town in Colorado. I have seen more strange and unusual stuff there than I have in any town anywhere in the Rocky Mountains. Sadly, I can not. It has to be a town.

Have a look through the photo gallery below to visit ten of Colorado's most unusual towns and find out what makes them different.

An Unusual Trip Back In Time

Saguache, Colorado, used to include a replica of an entire Old West town. It was part of a ranch that has since been sold piece by piece at auction. Some collectors buy up the old west buildings and move them to be a part of another collection somewhere else.

I could have been the new owner of a backyard bar called the Mad Cow Saloon. Now that's unusual...and pretty awesome.

A Strange and Unusual Road Trip

For every town in Colorado that someone might call unusual, you can find an equally strange roadside attraction. Find Colorado's most unusual towns and roadside attractions in the photo galleries below.

10 Colorado Towns Named ‘Most Unusual’ Are Worth A Visit

Unusual towns often feature one-of-a-kind things like snow god rituals, haunted museums, replicas of the Old West, giant trolls, and a number of other things found on our list of Colorado's 10 Most Unusual Towns. Who gets your vote for Colorado's most unusual town?

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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