Grand Junction, Colorado is a great place for heading outdoors with friends to explore a hiking trail, visit the Colorado National Monument, or pull some fish out of your favorite fishing hole. What happens when you run out of room in your pickup truck? Is it ok to pile everyone into the truck bed and take off?

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Some states have no law regarding passengers riding in a truck bed, while states like Colorado have certain age restrictions that must be observed by the person operating the truck. Let's look at what you can and can not do in Colorado.

Colorado's Seat Belt Law

The law in the Centennial State says any passenger in the front seat of a vehicle must wear a seat belt whenever the vehicle is being driven down a street or highway. In Colorado, anyone ages 15 or under must wear a seatbelt. This means there is an age limit for passengers to ride legally in a truck bed in Colorado. Seat belt fines in Colorado can run as high as $65 with a $6 surcharge.

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Who Is Not Allowed To Ride In A Truck Bed In Colorado?

Passengers riding in a pickup truck bed must be at least sixteen years old and ride with either the tailgate closed, or seated in an area enclosed on all sides to prevent them from falling out. Failing to do so can result in a reckless driving fine that could be as high as $300.

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