The Centennial State is truly a melting pot. It's a land that used to be a part of the Spanish Colonies, then Mexico, and when the United States annexed Texas, it also included parts of Colorado. This is why our state is loaded with places that can be difficult to pronounce.

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The folks at Readers Digest recently published a list of the most difficult towns to pronounce in each state. While I agree the city they selected gets butchered often, I think there is another town on the Western Slope that is mispronounced far more often. Let's take a look at these most difficult-to-pronounce towns.

Colorado's Most Mispronounced City According to Readers Digest

Reader's Digest went with one of our favorite delinquent mispronunciations in Colorado by selecting Crested Butte as the most difficult place to pronounce. As is often the case, the claim is people say 'Crested But' and not 'Crested Bewt.' Most of us learned the difference between a Butte and a But by 3rd grade. There is a kid's version of Reader's Digest (Reader's Digest Children's Publishing, now known as Studio Fun), but this list did not come from that publication.

Colorado's Most Mispronounced City According to a Local

I have heard the city of Fruita, Colorado, mispronounced more often than any other. Fru-eye-tah, Fru-ita, let's have a margarita. Once you have mastered Fruit-ah, the phrase, "WTF" (Welcome to Fruita) is even more amusing. Did you know that Money magazine named Fruita as one of the best small towns to live in anywhere in America for 2024?

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More Often Mispronounced Places

You can find places easy to mispronounce in every corner of Colorado. From the Cache la Poudre River to Buena Vista (“Buu-nah Vista,” not “Bwen-ah Vista”), the easiest way to get it right is to ask a native. Sure, it's awkward the first time you get corrected, but after that odds are you will not forget the next time.

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The Colorado territory was once a part of Spain, Mexico, and even Texas. Evidence of several different languages can be found in the names of towns and locations throughout the state. Many of these locations are often mispronounced. You can sound like a true Coloradan by brushing up on the pronunciation of some of Colorado's most confusing locations below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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If you are looking for wildflowers in Colorado, look no further than Crested Butte in June and July. Scroll on to learn ten fun facts about visiting the Butte for wildflower season in the photo gallery below.

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There are plenty of Colorado towns that people just can't pronounce correctly. It's not just the newbies either. Plenty of Colorado natives also have issues saying and spelling towns in our state as well. Which one always gets you? Let's take a look:

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