Population growth on Colorado's Western Slope remains steady, but as the numbers continue to rise residents of Fruita/Grand Junction have a growing "wish list" of businesses and services we want here in the Grand Valley. What are a few items on your Western Colorado wish list?

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The answers below show that communities in Fruita/Grand Junction are hungry for more places to eat and for more places offering family fun. Most of all, we found people want mutual respect and a sense of community to be a part of the place they call home.

Bring Us The Restaurants

When you stop and look at all the restaurants already in Fruita/Grand Junction, it can feel silly to want even more. However, some of our favorite places to eat do not have a location in Mesa County. Restaurants like Cracker Barrel, Waffle House, or even Dunkin Donuts have not found their way to town or were here once and haven't returned.

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Fun Things To Do

Maria wants to see an ice skating rink in Grand Junction, and Becky wants us to bring an Urban Air to Western Colorado. Could Mesa County benefit from more put-ins along the Colorado River? Maybe 2024 will be the year we finally see the ziplines we have heard about so many times. Fingers crossed.

Bring Us Better Manners

Several responses were related to the need for kindness, mutual respect, and being a good neighbor. Without those important factors, communities have trouble growing in the right direction. See what others said about things we need more of here in the Grand Valley in 2024 below, and be sure to leave us your comment on our station app.

What Does Fruita/Grand Junction Need More Of In 2024?

What's missing in Fruita/Grand Junction in 2024? Some people think we need more restaurants, some say more energy resources, and others say to work on our manners and mutual respect. Check out the most popular answers so far in the gallery below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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