If you are looking for great places to fish near Grand Junction, Colorado, you'll find some of the best options anywhere inside the Grand Mesa National Forest. You can opt for almost any of the main lakes along the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway for a great experience, or head out past Collbran and visit the Vega Reservoir.

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One of the most popular places to fish on the Grand Mesa is Island Lake. It's one of the highest elevated lakes on the world's largest flat-top mountain and if you are looking to cook some trout over the campfire, this is one of the best places to catch them.

Where is Colorado's Island Lake

Island Lake on Colorado's Grand Mesa
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Island Lake on the Grand Mesa is around 23 miles south of the town of Mesa, Colorado on Highway 65, or about 16 miles north of the town of Cedaredge, Colorado. The lake is located at an elevation of about 10,500 feet and is one of the best places to fish, camp, and hike around Grand Junction.

How Large Is Island Lake?

The Grand Mesa's Island Lake offers 144 surface acres with a dock along the northern shoreline for row boats, canoes, and a few paddle boats. The watercraft are available to rent from the Grand Mesa Lodge. Island Lake is also home to the Island Lake Trail, which is an easy hike of just over one line along the picture-perfect shoreline.

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Island Lake's Most Common Types of Fish

Types of trout in Island Lake on Grand Mesa
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Island Lake is home to lots of Rainbow, Brooke, and Cutthroat trout, along with Whitesuckers and Splakes. Remember if you wish to fish at any lake on Colorado's Grand Mesa, you'll need to purchase a fishing license online or from a retail location. You can get started here.

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