Warmer weather and holiday weekends usually mean the sound of a few fireworks here in Colorado. Maybe you've already heard a few in your neighborhood as we approach the start of summer.

Fireworks can be an expensive mistake if you are in possession of illegal fireworks in Colorado, or if you are lighting them off in a place where it is not allowed. Scroll on to learn which fireworks are ok in Colorado, and where you can have fun blowing them up.

What Fireworks Are Illegal In Colorado?

If you like lighting fireworks you'll want to avoid places on the Front Range. The communities of Denver, Fort Collins, and Lakewood have all banned all fireworks even on the 4th of July. Certain fireworks are legal in Colorado but MOST are not. Remember that illegal fireworks in Colorado are the kind that takes flight and fragment or explode in the air. According to the Colorado Legal Defense Group, these include firecrackers, cherry bombs, M-80s, Roman Candles, Mortars, and Bottle Rockets.

Fireworks that are ok to use include Fountains, Snakes, Spinners, Sparklers, Noise Makers that do not explode and toy propellants.

The Use of Fireworks Are Prohibited in These Places

Remember to check for fire restrictions in your county before lighting fireworks. Even the legal kind is not allowed to be used if a restriction is in place due to dry conditions.

In Colorado, fireworks are not allowed to be used in any National or State Park. You can not light them in a city park in Grand Junction, and you can not use them in a forest, golf course, city streets, or public places.

The use of legal fireworks in Colorado is usually ok in unincorporated areas located on private property

Colorado Penalties for Illegal Fireworks

Using illegal fireworks in Colorado is very expensive. Possession of illegal fireworks is a petty offense that usually includes up to 10 days in jail and fines of around $300. In places like Denver, the fine is closer to $1000 with up to a year in jail depending on the offense.

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