What's the difference between chicken tenders, chicken fingers, and chicken strips? Very little. These tasty appetizers are a house favorite pretty much anywhere.

They are a great snack, our kids will almost always eat them, and when paired with a great dipping sauce they can really hit the spot. We asked you about your favorite places to go for chicken tenders in Grand Junction.

Who Blessed America with Chicken Tenders?

Tenders are said to have come from a few different places. The three strongest claims are from Manchester, New Hampshire. Savannah, Georgia, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They first appeared on the menu of New Hampshire's Puritan Backroom in 1974.

Chicken Tenders You Should Try in Grand Junction

Once you finally decide where to get your chicken tenders from, you are faced with an equally difficult challenge. Which sauce should you dip them in?

Chicken Tenders Hall of Fame in Grand Junction

Scroll on to see Grand Junction's most popular answers below. We'll show you more information about each location with links to the menu so you can check out the chicken tenders for yourself.

These are the Best Places for Chicken Tenders in Grand Junction

A plate full of tasty chicken tenders can sure hit the spot. You don't have to be 4-years-old to enjoy them, but parents love seeing this favorite on any menu. We asked you which places in Grand Junction have great chicken tenders. Grab your favorite dipping sauce and check out clucking great list:

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