There will still be plenty of Walgreens locations in Colorado after these three close down, but for how long?

As of July 2024, there were upwards of 10,000 Walgreens across America, with Colorado having just over 50. However, the number of Colorado locations will drop by three when the company closes "underperforming" stores.

It's unclear how many jobs will be lost in the closures, but there are definitely big "pads" that will now sit empty.

3 Colorado Walgreens Locations Slated for Closure

You may have seen that Walgreens was talking about closing more than a few stores as profits have been in trouble.

From CEO Tim Wentworth:

We are at a point where the current pharmacy model is not sustainable and the challenges in our operating environment require we approach the market differently,

Some might say that Walgreens has long had a "model" of coming to locations and then pushing out small pharmacies, but many large companies do the same thing. Regardless, three of their stores in Colorado will be shuttering.

Which Colorado Walgreens Stores Are on the Closures List?

According to

Walgreens on Sheridan in Denver
Google Maps
Walgreen's in Boulder
Google Maps
Walgreens on Main in Longmont
Google Maps

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It is a shame that big-name brand closures grab attention when many smaller drugstore pharmacies have closed without the same attention.

It's similar to Red Lobster closures, which are "big" news, but not the "Mom and Pop" seafood restaurants that close often.

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