Are you looking for a new house in Montrose, Colorado? Well, we may have just found one to consider, listed for sale on

The home at 63319 Lavender Circle is quite the beauty, and we don't say that lightly. For a home priced at a little over half a million dollars, it looks a lot like homes we've featured in the past that are worth double that, so this is one to check out if you have that kind of money.

The laminate flooring is gorgeous and shines throughout the house, and nowhere is that more noticeable than in the open kitchen. On the subject of that kitchen, you're looking at some of the most beautiful cabinets that we've ever seen, along with two stainless-steel ovens, so if you're a professional chef or even just a gifted amateur, there's plenty of space for you to sate your culinary curiosity.

It's a 4-bedroom home, so there's plenty of space for that small army you call a family. Two-and-a-half bathrooms may not be enough for everyone to use one at the same time, but that's the price you pay for having more kids than The Brady Bunch. Still, there's enough space here that even a large family can ignore each other after a bad game of softball. And don't get me started on that fire pit in the backyard.

Add in the 2-car garage, and this house resembles the pinnacle of suburban bliss. I haven't mentioned those showers, which I have to admit made me look at my bathroom and cry a little. You're missing out if you don't see this house, so take a stroll through the gallery below.

Check Out This House for Sale at 63319 Lavender Cir

For a home priced at a little-over half-a-million dollars, it looks a lot like homes we've featured in the past that are worth double that...

This Beautiful Montrose Home Won't Break the Bank

Modern comfort for a reasonable price:

Picture-Perfect Montrose Home

This house looks so good that it can't be real!